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Starting with A for Affiliate marketing and how the Amazon Associate program has made it easy for everyone to earn through a blog, Lets jump in directly.

#A2Zchallenge "A"


Did you know that Jeff Bezos incorporated the company Cadabra in 1994? Later, to launch the website, it was renamed to Amazon in 1995 which is now one of the world’s largest online retailers.

Amazon logo Affiliate marketing.

Today Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies. It’s been referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.”

Did you know that the arrow in Amazon’s logo symbolizes that they deal with everything from A to Z?

Affiliate marketing?

Firstly, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote some products or services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get paid.

The Amazon affiliate program, also called “Amazon Associates” is an easy way to monetize your website or blog. It’s completely free to join and easy to use. It provides us the convenience of referring potential customers to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase products you advertise and when they do, you could earn between a 1% & 10% in referral fees. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission. It is that simple.

Amazon associate program?

Amazon Associates
Amazon Affiliate marketing

Amazon Associates program is an affiliate marketing program.  It’s free for website owners and bloggers to become Amazon Associates. They advertise products from Amazon.com on their sites by creating links. When customers click the links and buy products from Amazon, you earn referral fees.

Affiliate marketing is one way of earning through a blog. There are many other ways and aspects of monetizing a blog which we will discuss in further chapters.

Wondering how to write an effective blog post?

 Stay tuned for our next post on Blogging

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  1. I have registered for Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program, but have never actively pursued it. Will work on it. Thanks for the reminder. According to your experience, which categories of products give better returns?

    • Thanks for stopping by Shilpa. It’s important that you select a category because you have to write about it, but speaking of what I’ve experienced so far, I would say home appliances and accessories are the thing to go for now.

    • Surely Harjeet. It’s quite a task
      Firstly, you need to sign up for affiliate marketing with amazon, if you click on the Amazon associate picture, you will be redirected to the right page.
      Once you’ve signed up in the Amazon associates dashboard you will be able to make your own product specific or page specific links. You need to copy these links and paste them on your blog or posts.
      That’s in simple terms.
      If you need more help in the process please don’t hesitate.

  2. I have registered for their affiliate marketing too. Though I haven’t linked up quite much. Isn’t it like a big task!!! Congratulations on your first post for A to Z.

    • It is a bit tedious, but once you start going it gets easier. Thanks for the wishes.
      Good luck to you too 🙂

    • You are convinced and that makes my effort worthwhile. Thanks a lot for the appreciation.
      Good luck with A2Z 🙂

    • I’m glad you found it informative Tina. Due to this challenge, I was trying to keep the post under a word limit. However, I will try to give in as much information as I can.
      Happy A2Zing 🙂

    • Thanks for the appreciation Frédérique.
      Is this link from #A2Zchallenge? Cause I don’t see any update on their website.

    • It is a very promising option, however, it will take time and effort as well. If you are interested, I will be writing a quick tutorial on the same.

  3. Hello RP! Welcome to the biggest blogging event of the globe.

    Firstly let me tell you I never knew that the arrow in Amazon’s logo symbolizes that they deal with everything from A to Z? This is a great start for the challenge with Amazon.

    The world is going to function digitally very soon and such kind of programs will dominate.

    Do you think having a blog on Medium will help if I get into this marketing?

    Hope you’ve an amazing blog changing experience the whole of April 2020.

    • Thanks a lot. You surely can use medium, you just need to drive traffic to a blog/page so they can use your affiliate links and eventually purchase from Amazon. It is a tedious task, but with effort in the right place and some quality time it is very much possible. I know that I will have an amazing experience as I have you guiding me throughout.
      Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

  4. It takes real dedication to monetize your blogging. Well done.
    Looking forward to reading more I think bloggers can benefit from your info.
    A Happy A to Zing journey to you.
    I’m blogging about elderly issues this month as seniors are near and dear to me .


    • Thanks for appreciating Leslie. I’m trying my best to give as much information as I can.
      I will surely be checking your Blog. Good luck to you too 🙂

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