Reflection post for #AtoZchallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z

March 31st, on the eve of famous Blogging from A to Z challenge, I was done writing and scheduling my posts (except for X & Z) and was ready for the challenge. This was my maiden journey in the world of #AtoZChallenge. It sounded like fun and a great way to get more readers, but at the same time, I was anxious. However, I’m glad I took part, and I did make it all the way through.

This is a reflection badge as a part of the #AtoZchallenge

Even today when I think of it, I wasn’t really sure if my content would be read. However, the response I received is just overwhelming. I received immense support which made it an eventful #AtoZchallenge.

This journey was introduced to me as one of the most happening activities for bloggers around the globe and I must say this was really a global ride. I had visitors from across the world and not only visitors but a lot of appreciation. Appreciation for helping them understand the various aspect of Blog Monetization in simple terms.

Though I received appreciation and support from all, there were a few buddies who I can just not thank enough. Without the support of these people, It wouldn’t have been possible to make it alive without all your support. Harjeet, Noor, Sinjana, Shweta, Roshan, Surbhi, Suchita, Arushi, Jayanthi, Amrita, Ajit, Monika, Ranjini, Archana, Sonia Dogra, and Sonia Chatterjee. I received appreciation from all, but these few were always a constant in their support and appreciation.

Talking of support, there were two constants for me, from planning and execution to successful completion. My first proofreaders and supporters – Novemberschild and Vinod. She was my mentor and he was my inspirer. They helped me in pushing my limits and work better day after day. Thank you.

Stats for the month of #AtoZchallenge

Now, let’s talk about stats. When April begun, I was standing at world traffic ranking of 167,934 and Indian traffic ranking of 16,828. When this fiesta ended, I am at a World traffic rank of 96,188 and Indian Traffic rank of 5,782.

I think everyone who was part of this #AtoZchallenge, those writing and even those supporting, deserve a pat on their backs. I would also want to thank everyone who took time to read my posts in spite of everything else on their plate. The best part was being part of an amazing group of bloggers who stood by each other with the sole purpose of lending a hand in these harsh times of a lockdown. It’s hard to find that in real life let alone among a group of people who have never met.

Picture from the #AtoZchallenge as a part of the reflection post.

Here are all the A2Z entries from the Blog Monetization express...



  1. Congratulations once again on successfully completing it and on the increase in your reach!
    Thanks for being part of my April journey too and for mentioning me here!

    • Thank you Frédérique. Your theme was lovely as well and I enjoyed the pictures very much. Thanks for being a part of my journey and for letting me be a part of your. Good luck buddy 🙂

  2. Congratulations on successful completion of your debut ATOZ blogging challenge. I am glad I was of good help to you through this blogging adventure. You’ve been mentioned in my reflections post, hope you read it soon.

    Did you think about 2021? If you liked this challenge I am sure you will be part of next year too. For me it had become a kind of addiction to be a part of it ever since I started doing it. 5 years!! 5 ebooks – I surprised myself by being a published author.

    I have no plans for my 6th time. I may, I may not but as of today I am not inclined towards it but you never know.

    • I’m pretty sure you would be a part of it next year too and will ace at it yet again. Thanks for the wishes and hearty congratulations on successful completion to you too. It wouldn’t have been possible without you 🙂

    • Thank you for being a part of my journey and for letting me be a part of yours Arushi. Hearty congratulations on successfully completing A2Z 🙂

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