Ultimate buyer’s guide – The best coffee machine in India 2020

Today’s coffee machine does far more than brew your cup of Joe. This here is a brief guide on the coffee machine in the market today that can help you zero in on the appliance that’s right for your kitchen.

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The story of Coffee…

Did you know that coffee was first incepted by a sheep breeder who noticed that his sheep were left so energetic that they wouldn’t even sleep at night when they had certain berries?

He was so intrigued that he chewed them himself and realized the energy boost he got and took these berries to a monk nearby.

The monk disapproved of this theory by the breeder and threw the berries in a pit of fire and the place was filled with an enticing aroma. They curbed the roasted berries from the embers of the pit and poured them in hot water after grounding them well.

Well, this was the first-ever cup of coffee.

Today, we can get a freshly brewed cup of coffee in every part of the world.

These coffee machines at the press of a button, give you the most aromatic coffees. We have brought you a list of these amazing machines of piping hot energy so you can enjoy it at your home or place of work.

Best Coffee machine in India 2020

1. Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Machine

This is one of the best-selling coffee machines in the market today.

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From a reliable brand like Philips, this coffee machine comes in a smart and compact design for easy storage and needless to say makes an aromatic cup of coffee.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 0.6 liters and Brewing Time: 10 minutes.
  • Drip stop to pour coffee whenever you like without any wastage.
  • Non-slip and illuminated power switch.
  • Aroma twister circulates the coffee for an optimal taste.


  • Compact design
  • Perfect for 2 to 7 cups at once
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Drip stop feature
  • Detachable filter holder


  • For small group of people only
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2. Solimo Zing Coffee machine

With an elegant design, this coffee maker is apt for making up to 4 and a half cups of coffee in a period of 30 seconds and 7 minutes depending on the quantity of the coffee.

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This smart appliance ensures to maintain the temperature of coffee when the appliance is switched on.

With a water level indicator, an illuminated power switch and a wipe-clean exterior this product makes a highly practical home appliance.

Key Features

  • Though this machine is good for black coffee or Americano, you can make amazing filter coffee by just using more coffee than usual.
  • With a 600ml carafe, it can brew up to 4 and a half cups of coffee.
  • It has a water level Indicator and an Illuminated power switch.
  • Hygiene and safety are ensured by the food-grade filter chamber.
  • Its drip-stop function stops the flow of coffee when the carafe is removed from the station.
  • It comes with an illuminated power switch and a water level indicator.
  • The drip-stop function is very helpful which stops the flow of coffee immediately after the carafe is removed from the machine.
  • With a detachable filter chamber it becomes easier to clean it.


  • Quick Brews
  • Drip-Stop Mechanism
  • Detachable Metallic Filter
  • Highly practical home appliance


  • Small size
  • Quality could be better
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3. Morphy Richards New Europa Coffee Machine

With an 800 watt powerful motor, this Europa coffee machine makes a great espresso, cappuccino, and latte coffee.

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This can make up to 4 coffees in one go and is equipped with a steam control knob and a strength selector.

This machine is an extreme delight for all the espresso lovers.

With a heat-resistant carafe and lid, this is going to give you a pure coffee perfection at your home.

Key Features

  • Turbo cappuccino nozzle.
  • Coffee strength selector.
  • Heat resistant carafe.
  • Stainless steel 2 cup filter.
  • An easily removable drip tray


  • Can make americano, cappuccino and latte
  • Reliable brand
  • Superior quality
  • Heat resistant glass carafe to avoid unforeseen incedents
  • Easy to clean


  • Comparitively high priced
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4. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker

This coffee maker with a microfine filter for fine decoction making it effortless brewing.

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It has a 450 Watt motor as a heating element for fast and precise brewing.

Has an ergonomically designed chrome handle and the Anti-drip feature enables minimal wastage.

It has a heat-sensitive thermal fuse and accurate temperature control to make the rightly strong or light coffee for you.

Key Features

  • It comes with a 1-year product warranty.
  • Heat sensitive thermal fuse.
  • Anti-drip feature.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Powered with a 450 watts motor.


  • Shockproof body
  • Budget friendly
  • Easily available customer service


  • Built quality is not great
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5. PRESTIGE PCMD 3.0 Coffee Maker

This coffee maker with the refined design of a mesh filter which is accompanied by the anti-drip mechanism enables the users to make coffee with utmost ease and simplicity.

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This is the perfect machine for all filter coffee lovers. It will not only make you a filter coffee but will taste just like the authentic Filter coffee.

Key Features

  • Elegant glass carafe.
  • Anti Drip valve.
  • Steam Vent is a helpful feature.
  • Brew basket with Lifter Handle.
  • Translucent water gauge.
  • Filter design for a thick and strong coffee, just like we like it.


  • Many helpful features
  • Elegant design
  • Capacity for 6+ cups
  • Easy use and cleaning
  • Steam vent


  • No temperature control option
  • Makes noise towards the end of the brewing process
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Bonus suggestion

6. Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug

Apart from the regular coffee machines, we have here mentioned first of its kind smart coffee maker which is accessible through an app on your mobile device paired via Bluetooth.

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This coffee maker gives you an explicit and personalized experience.

  • It comes with a 100% leak and spill-proof mug which enables you to enjoy your cuppa on the go.
  • It is capable of making your coffee within 60 to 90 seconds.
  • The 210 ml thermal insulated mug keeps your coffee hot or cold for a long time.


  • You can make Café style recipes
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Coffee at fingertips
  • On the go, spill and leak-proof mug
  • Can make both hot and cold coffee
  • Thermal insulation keeps your drink warm or cold


  • Majorly for a personal cup of coffee
  • Can not make more than one or two coffees at one time
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Types of coffee machines

Types of coffee machines

According to a study, the consumption of coffee has been going up in recent years. Today, Coffee is more about taste and that’s why there are many different ways to make coffee. Each method offers a different taste.

In this guide, rightpurchasing has brought the 4 major types, which will not only enrich you with more brewing methods but help you get the perfect machine for your home.

1. Pressure Coffee Brewers

Manual espresso Maker

Automated espresso maker

Moka pot

Aero press

2. Drip coffee brewers

Auto Drip brewer

Single serve coffee maker

manual drip brew

Vietnamese Coffee maker


Cold Brew

3. Steep Brewers

French Press


4. Boil based coffee makers

Ibrik (Coffee pot)

Camping coffee maker

We have reviewed multiple coffee machines to arrive at the conclusive list of the top 5 here.

You can select either of these according to your requirements for your daily coffee. You can also go through other product reviews from us by clicking here.

We will keep updating this post as and when we come across new products worth your time and money or if there are any new technologies that we want our readers to stay updated about. So, stay tuned…

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