Best home security cameras in India 2020

We all love our family and our home for which we would do almost anything to protect and keep secure. With all the technological advancement today, it is essential for us to have a Home security camera.

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Well these security cameras will give you a live feed at all times and keep you updated with a click on your devices like a phone, tablet or a computer.

There are various types of security cameras which could be differentiated by the shape and size or a set of features, like Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Box Cameras and Indoor/Outdoor Cameras.

5 Best home security cameras

We have here reviewed the 5 best security cameras that we suggest for our readers.

1. D3D T8817 HD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera

This Ultra HD resolution camera supports multi-device/user to view live videos on either a smartphone or a tablet at the same time.

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Users can also share the live feed with family and friends. Its night vision and infra-red will give you clear visibility up to 32 meters.

It supports recording at multiple locations, which means that the videos can either be saved on the SD card or on the cloud server.

your video is safely stored and with a cloud storage there is no need to worry about the storage limit.

This camera also supports a two-way communication, which is enabled by an inbuilt microphone and speaker.
This is a very handy feature considering you have a nanny taking care of your child at home or If you have any instructions for someone at
workplace while you are away.

Is this camera irresistible already? Well If it is not, It surely will be after you get to know about the next feature.

With a motion detection feature it will alert you every time there is a movement nearby.

Well this security camera has almost everything you could’ve asked for in a Home security camera.

2. YI 87001 Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

This Camera can record in 720p resolution with 111 Degree wide-angle lens & a 4x digital zoom.

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This camera can support an SD card up to 32GB and the infra-red helps in recording videos if there is low lighting or even in a dark room.

Its official app will help you stream in real-time and will also alert on detecting any movements due to its motion detection feature.

However, with its non-invasive sensor it can detect if someone is sleeping and the motion detector will work accordingly.

Not only does this camera have an inbuilt speaker, but it also has a microphone, supporting a two way communication. Isn’t that just fabulous?

The only negative aspect about this camera would be that it has a 720p resolution and not a 1080p or full HD resolution.

3. Mi MJSXJ02CM 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera

This camera has a picture-perfect 360° angle. With an AI motion it has a detection alert which can detect any animal or window/door.

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It has a 20-megapixel camera and a 1080p HD resolution with a wide range. giving it the ability to capture with colossal clarity and detail.

It is a wireless camera and needs a 5V power supply which powers it to work in a -10 degree to a 50 degree weather condition.

This camera also supports infrared, enabling it to give us a clear and seamless view in case of low lighting.

Another amazing feature is the talkback function, which gives you access to the speaker which is inbuilt with the unit of camera.

The mobile app supports a Android version 4.4 or above and an iOS version 9.0 or above and it supports upto a 64GB memory card.

4. 360 Dome PTZ Security camera

This camera has 1080p full HD resolution camera with 360° horizontal and 260° vertical view and 118° wide-angle view giving it a no blind zone.
Well that covers a lot of area.

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This camera has an Intelligent Patrol mode which keeps a check on a specific and customized zone automatically and if something is found in this area, the smart Mobile tracker will send alerts to the user.

Its automatic eye-close technique can give authority as to when the video is to record and unless the user gives permissions, the video will not be recorded.

Now most cameras have an inbuilt LED which indicates that the camera is switched on and recording, while the Home anti theft mode on this camera gives users the ability to on/off this light, giving an assumption that the camera might be switched off.
This works wonders in case there is a theft and the camera looks switched off.

The built-in microphone and speaker gives users a two way communication access.

Its app can give access to multiple users at one time which can be used for live view, live stream control and record videos.

5. Srihome SH020 Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi 3MP Ultra HD 1296p IP Security Camera

An advanced 3 MP camera with image sensor and a resolution of 1296 pixels it gives an impeccable picture quality.

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Its image sensor can capture amazing videos with accurate color even in live stream and the night vision helps a clear vision even in dark.

This camera with a 360° panaromic, 90° tilt and 75° wide-angle creates a 360° wide full view on the monitor without a single blind spot.

It has an automatic tracking feature, which enables the camera to rotate
automatically in the direction where it has detected any movement and record it accordingly.

This camera has an inbuilt microphone and a speaker to enable a two way communication and the inbuilt speaker has amazing quality.

It also has a very responsive motion detector, which works handy in case of a theft or uncertainty.

Our verdict:

Security cameras today can be used for multiple purposes, like keeping an eye on the nanny while she takes care of your child or keeping a check on your property for any trespassers or just to have a peace of mind while you are away from your home, but mainly a security camera gives you a sense of safety and security that even though you are not keeping an eye personally, there is surveillance.

With this brief buyers guide, we have here tried to review the best cameras in market today that we would suggest our readers.

We will keep improving this guide with more updates and information along with time. So stay tuned to rightpurchasing…

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