Brat to Man

Well, my decade saw a big transitional phase where this brat became a MAN in all aspects of life. Let us get started right away.

So there I was, with a raw mind and inheritance of the laidback attitude of a typical Hyderabadi at one of the best institution studying my bachelor’s and was recognized by the car I drove or the places I spent my leisure hours.

This was the age where my testosterone levels were high and all I wanted was to win in all my pursuits and show my supremacy.

Though I was not a very studios, I managed to pull out a first-grade score in my degree.

Soon after my graduation, I was obligated to embark on my journey for a successful future in a khaki uniform. Attracted by the prestige, honor, and respect that this uniform came with, I began my preparation. Though not with a specific agenda for the day, I was engrossed in my goal with dedication, but to my dismay, I believed that I was not exactly ready for this preparation and here began my entr’acte and the transitional phase of a brat becoming a man.

Transitional Phase of my life…

I started pursuing a Masters degree where this slightly introvert brat was transforming into an extrovert MAN. These finest two years of my life can neither be forgotten nor replaced by any. This was the time that helped me experience the art of public speaking and killed my stage fright. Here not only was I engrossed in the curriculum and studied hard, but made friends for a lifetime. Friends who are non-judgmental, but would be the best critics in your life who would stand by you when the world turns its back on you.

I just can’t tell enough about these two years.

This transitional phase continued with a job at a MNC where, for the first time I faced corporate politics and witnessed the bitter truth. In these 2 years of corporate experience, I came across a few people who would involve in flattery for gain in their professional lives. Though this period stirred a lot of emotions and feelings, the Man growing in me was trying to control the brat and helped me behave professionally, but I had to bid a goodbye to the not so rewarding corporate life to keep my self-respect.

And the struggle began or shall I say continued…

This is where with a few external factors, I was nudged to realize that it was time to resume my persuasion towards the incomplete task of Khaki uniform. This time I was much more dedicated and I wanted to do it for myself this time. The next three years gave me knowledge in abundance across various disciplines and studies along with the various orders of life. In this period, I didn’t just become inquisitive, but very tolerant and understanding. I say this “understanding” from an incident, where a very close associate indicated that my actions to a certain situation displayed a plethora of change in my understanding and behaviour. Needless to say that I was overwhelmed with my personal growth and achievement.

However, after giving in my fullest and attempting the test multiple times, I had to agree that it was time to move on and make peace with it. Finally, I started making a career in the field of marketing, where I would go on to converse with multiple people on a daily basis and realize my true potential of public speaking.

Towards the end of my decade, a long lost aspiration of an affiliate marketer started in the name of where I worked for the Amazon associates program. Though in the beginning, I did face a lot of hiccups, relentless work along with help from prodigious people I finally kick-started the oncoming decade of the 2020s with a bang.

My decade saw a lot of changes and though the brat tries to show its stint once in a while, It is majorly passive and helps me in becoming a better man than yesterday.

Did we share any similarities in the past decade?

Let me know if you liked the post and also if you have any suggestions in the comment section below.

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  1. Really, non judgmental friends are so precious. So happy that you found them. Time and experience truly changes us all. It changed you in better ways. Loved your post. Stay blessed and keep growing.

    • Really, non judgmental friends are so precious. So happy that you found them and am one of them. Time and experience truly changes us all. It changed you in better ways. Am proud to be your friend. Keep growing and make us all more proud. God bless you buddy.

      • More than a buddy, you are a brother. Thanks for all the support you’ve given me through the years. Thanks a lot for reading my blog.

      • A finely-written post… clear and on point.
        We need to try to reach where we want to go, Us not reaching there is not the question. Trying is. And you did all that you can.
        You reached at a different destination and we are with you now reading your journey. And that’s what matters. Friends, support from fellow bloggers grappling with similar yet different situations will keep you on track. And your story is an inspiration!

  2. Hi!
    Your blog is a record of a personal journey that has a universal appeal. We all can find echoes of our own battles in your journey. I liked the fortitude and resilience you have showed in your journey! More power to your pen! Rohit Verma

  3. I am glad that you made the transition from a brat to man. I guess this rite of passage has to be undertaken by one and all. Looks like you had an eventful journey! Keep pedaling! Pallavi Acharya

  4. An interesting round up on your personal and professional growth last decade.
    I guess, it has been a growing-up period for all of us, one way or another.
    Good to knoe you hsve started this year with a bang (already)! 🙂

    Cheers and best wishes

  5. I think your self awareness should be applauded. Whatever stage of life you are in, it’s important to want to grow and become a better human being. This decade has seen you win some and lose some, but the biggest gain has been maturity and the knowledge that you are already a winner. I hope and wish your next decade is just as amazing, if not more!

    • A finely-written post… clear and on point.
      We need to try to reach where we want to go, Us not reaching there is not the question. Trying is. And you did all that you can.
      You reached at a different destination and we are with you now reading your journey. And that’s what matters. Friends, support from fellow bloggers grappling with similar yet different situations will keep you on track. And your story is an inspiration!

      • Your reply has pumped me up. Thanks a lot for reading and all the appreciation.
        I wish you good luck for the coming year, a decade and beyond.

  6. This Bloghop has introduced me to people like you who have made their own path away from the oft tread ones. Experience is what moulds us and you have utilised them well
    Wishing you the best for your endeavors

    • Thanks a lot. I must say that I have come across people from various walks of life and I’ve loved it. Wish you all the best.

      • True friends are your true strength. They will support you as well as be your biggest critics. When you find such friends do not let them go. Corporate world teaches you all the lessons of life no one is real and everyone is there for a gain. Good to hear that you came out of it and became a man from a brat. Hope you have a great decade ahead!!

  7. You have the rare ability to examine your thoughts and put them in a coherent manner. That is indeed a quality really suited for public speaking. I am not really sure what an Amazon Influencer does, but that is just my ignorance.I will now try and find out more about it. All the best for the next decade!

    Meena from

  8. First of all, I liked the background image of your blog, it’s my first-time visit to your blog and glad I came across a blog of an affiliate marketer. I’m sure to check reviews of products before purchasing any in the future from your site. Your transition from brat to man is a great read that shows how the experience makes a person a gentleman.

    • You are always welcome and do let us know if you need us to review any products for you.
      Thank you for your appreciation 🙂

  9. Friends are the best gifts of life. Good you have true ones. Leaving the love of your life (khaki wardi))and moving forward must have been tough but made you strong to pursue your life in better way !! God luck for your marketing endeavour!! Keep the Hopes high and you’ll be the best of you !!

  10. Many times life throws its own way to show what’s good for us. When we try something hard a number of times but still don’t succeed then that it is not meant for us. It is better to accept it early.
    Good that you started off as an Amazon Influencer. Wish you loads of success.

    • I’m glad I realised, though late. With words of wisdom and tips from successful people like you, I’m sure to be successful. Thanks a lot 🙂

  11. Hey welcome to the big blogging world.
    It was wonderful reading how a brat turned into a man
    You are one of the most interesting and my kind of persons I’ve met in my life and you know what you mean to me. In this decade I want to see you as a super successful person – professionally and personally. So when your next decade post comes, it should be only full of positive progress.

    • Thanks a lot. One reason for my website and me being a part of this #DecadeHop is you. I can not express in words how much it means to me. Thank you for having faith in me and reading my blog.

  12. Wow! It’s usually rare that one understands and tries to root out negativities within oneself. For that, salute!! Keep the positivity going, influence others to change….
    Janaki(@beyond the familiar)

  13. first of all i loved the title of your blog. brat to a man has been quite a jounrney for u… from being an introvert to an extrovert and public speaking and now sales.. wow.. loved ur style of writing.. keep going. 🙂

  14. Aren’t we all brats that mature before life sends us through a “washer/dryer” cycle? Loved reading about your journey, I could identify with it. Always great to meet a fellow entrepreneur. Wishing you the very best.

    • Thanks a lot ritu and yes we all have a brat and though it subsides, it tries to come out once in a while. I’m glad you could relate. Thanks for reading 🙂

  15. Most brats remain brats all their lives. What sets u apart is that u recognized ur shortcomings and overcame them. As long as we are happy with ourselves I would say its a life well-led in spite of the problems we face. I have been thru hell and back but I bounce back smiling. Spread a smile as a smile goes a long way. BTW we are practically neighbours if u r in Hyderabad. Cheers for the new decade.

    • You are so true. A smile goes a very long way. Just one smile can kick off all things bad and make you happy again and yes again we could be neighbours. Haha. Cheers to a decade of love and success 🙂

  16. Wonderful round up of becoming a man from a brat and trying to keep the brat in check. Finding true friends is precious. Good to know that 2020 has already begun with a bang.
    Wishing you joy and happiness

  17. Wonderful round up of becoming a man from a brat and trying to keep the brat in check. Finding true friends is precious. Good to know that 2020 has already begun with a bang.
    Wishing you joy and happiness

  18. Wonderful round up of becoming a man from a brat and trying to keep the brat in check. Finding true friends is precious. Good to know that 2020 has already begun with a bang.
    Wishing you joy and happiness

    • I sure will treasure them. They are here to stay and thank you for the wise words. Wish you good luck for the future as well 🙂

  19. An interesting read about your journey that took you through different ups and downs of life. Your attitude and determination is quite remarkable as you ultimately started pursuing your hobby. Best wishes for the new decade !

    • Yes I did and there is a long way to go. With support and learning from experienced people like you, newbies like me can grow appropriately.

    • Find trustworthy friends and fellow companions is really precious and an I am glad you found. Becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer is a positive and one step ahead positive journey. I believe every journey has some positives. Best wishes for the future!

    • With wishes like I’ve gotten today, I’m sure to be sucessful. Thanks a lot for your wishes. Good luck for you future too 🙂

  20. I could totally relate to your journey. Been there done that. Life truly enhances and shapes us. I guess all that matters is where you are from where you started and whether you are happy in this beautiful journey called life. Keep living king-size.

    • You are so right, all that matters in the end is where you are and what you have grown to be. Life is a very big term for me. I believe I’m taking it one step at a time and living it to the fullest now. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  21. How effortlessly you expressed those complicated thoughts which often go inside our head. You will surely go places. Loved reading this post.
    Best Wishes!

  22. What an inspirational and eventful journey you had. You had your share of highs and lows, wins and losses but the good part was you kept evolving and learning. And that’s what matters. Wish 2020 brings more success to you.

  23. may be sustaining in corporate world is one of the real challenge,but identifying yourself is way better and worth job for me as it takes us towards more peaceful and profitable place and that too in long run,and your journey of decade says it all,you dare to leave the places your mind decided and find the satisfaction where you heart wants to be and see your growth as an Amazon associater serving you what you actually want. commendable.

  24. I could write an essay as a comment here, but I will refrain. I will limit myself to a couple of observations.
    Your post got me thinking about how vastly different the paths of boys and girls are in attaining maturity or adulthood. What I meant by that statement is that we have been hearing multiple accounts of women in this blog hop and this is one of the few male perspectives(maybe the fourth one) we actually got! There was personal growth and career growth in this story, but women’s perspectives of their world are wildly different.
    Anyways, I enjoyed your tone throughout the piece, even and mature. I wish you a lot of luck in your affliate marketing, personal and professional growth this decade.

    • I agree. I wasn’t aware that there would be hardly 4/5 male bloggers. Also, you rightly pointed out the differences where it’s completely different for both the sexes. I’m honoured to be a part of this #DecadeHop for bringing me so many success stories where many were inspirational.
      Like you said it’s a vast topic and discussion would go on and on.
      Would love to talk to you about it in the future.

  25. Such an amazing transformation and inspiring journey you had in last decade. I feel that life has its own way of teaching us so many important life lessons and somehow we all find the path which we actually want. I am glad that at the end of the decade you had started your long lasting inspiration ( amazon associate programs) wishing you much more success and happiness in upcoming decade.

    • Thanks a lot for the warm wishes Surbhi. These wishes from all experiences bloggers like you will help me go the distance. Good luck for your endeavours as well 🙂

  26. Every journey is special but seam experiences in words is not everyone’s cup of tea … Good job
    God bless you and all the best for your limitless journey !!

    • Thanks a lot bhaiya. I’m at a juncture where support from experts like you is very important. Thanks for the warm wishes bhaiya. More power to you 🙂

  27. This is a Brat story, and I connect in several ways. I believe that there this brat in each and every individual, it’s the time and situation which makes this brat an individual or vice versa.

    My best wishes to you

    • Thanks a lot for the wishes Meera. I’m pretty sure that you had that brat in you and now it has come back in the form of your kid. Haha
      Cant tell this enough, but I loved your post 😀

  28. This is definitely an inspirational transition. You went through many hardships but you also braved through. Kudos to that! Congratulations and good luck with your endeavour.

    • Thank you, Sonam. You can check our blog here and do let us know if you have any suggestions for us. We are always looking to learn from experts like yourself.

  29. Many of us would’ve been brats but you’re the first one to acknowledge it. 🙂

    We do have one similarity. I changed from an exceedinly pampered daughter to the wife of a man who doesn’t know what indulgence means, and have happily accepted the change.

    Whatever you do, I hope you find joy in it. You’re capable of being lot more than you think!

    • I am glad that you found my story relatable. Thanks for the warm wishes and keeping your words in mind, I will try to achieve more and more.

  30. I loved your choice of topic, Brat to Man and how well you penned down your life’s journey. You have definitely come so far in life both personally & professionally and it shows in your mature writing skills. I wish you all the luck in your affiliate marketing career and may you reach the heights. Have a great year ahead.

    • Thanks a lot for the appreciation Neha. I sure will try to keep up to all your expectations.
      Good luck with your future as well.

  31. Your transition from boy to man and the ensuing struggles, are so relatable. I liked your self-introspective tone in this post. Also, I would love to know about your experience as an affiliate marketer, and how we can make a success of it too. Hoping for a post on that!

  32. That was a very interesting post of self realization. You have very honestly shared your journey and its nice to read how the brat became a man. Finding non judgmental friends is a great and I am happy you did. Wishing you a great journey ahead

  33. After reading your post I realised that all of us have in some way or the other grown up in a positive way through the last decade.
    I hope you sour more heights and tap into your true caliber in the coming times.

  34. You were able to realize at the precise moment what’s right for you and that’s half the battle one. I liked your honest piece of your personal and professional growth over the last decade.

  35. It is so important to constantly grow and evolve. And yet, when you begin achieving what you have been striving for, when dreams come true, it does get overwhelming. Congrats on making it thus far. And may the journey towards transformation towards the betterment always continue. Kudos!

  36. It was such a refreshing post to read right from the title. The way you spoke about your shortcomings, the attempts to reach a goal were so honest. The journey of realising the drawbacks and overcoming them as you are growing shows the gem of a person you are turning out to be.
    I wish you all the best for your coming life. May you be successful in your future endeavours.


  37. This decade has made many of us wise and matured. Your post was a pleasant read and it’s nice to see you are moving onwards and upwards. Glad you participated in this blog hop and shared your journey with us:)

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