D – Domain name and ranking

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D - Domain name and ranking
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The right domain

A domain name is the key element of your website that can make or break the deal for you and makes it very important to choose a domain name that works for you and your business.

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  1. Select a .com domain for a global reach and better rank
  2. Use keywords for selecting your domain so it’s easy and simple to read and understand the purpose
  3. Do not use any characters apart from alphabets/numbers and keep it as short as possible
  4. Try to use a generic domain, so as to expand your topic later(If needed)
  5. Use your name or pen-name so as to reach out to your audience easily
  6. Try to use synonyms, incase all that you search for are already taken and avoid obscure titles
  7. Make sure the same title is available on social media

Domain ranking

Domain Ranking refers to a process by search engines to determine where particular content should appear on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Its visibility refers to how prominently your content is displayed in a SERP.

Ranking and visibility are interlinked and dependent on each other. Better ranking gives better visibility and vice versa.

Google’s algorithm rates websites based on hundreds of inter-connected factors which google does not disclose. However, after various researches and testing, leaders in market have come up with a few factors that affect your websites ranking.

  1. Website speed – A site needs to be accessible easily.
  2. Keyword usage– Using the keywords to create specific content.
  3. Mobile usability – Visibility of your website on mobile. I have personally seen a difference in the appearance and structure of a website over a computer, tablet, and mobile.
  4. Numbers of inbound/outbound links – Linking to any related topic or something discussed in detail.
  5. Quality of inbound links – Leading to quality and most relatable content.

In short, a websites domain name, its visibility on SERP’s and its ranking are vital for your blog to be monetized.

We will discuss more on keywords in the chapters to come…

Although a Domain name and ranking are important for Monetization of a blog, it is similarly important for a blogger to have an E-mail list for various reasons, Stay tuned to know more in our next chapter…



  1. Hello! I am going to read from the starting chapter. I think these are the essentials terms which a beginner must know to start the self hosting.

    • It sure is important to understand the terms and different aspects of blogging. They help you grow. Thanks for appreciating 🙂

    • Yes. Even when I read these now and then I think I learn a new aspect. It’s not easy to build a website, but with some hard work we can do really well. Good luck 🙂

  2. I feel whether you own an existing business or have an idea for a startup, you need a strong online presence through a blog. Usually, the first thing your potential customer /reader will do when searching out brand to conduct a web search, and if your website is relatively easy to find and navigate, you’ll greatly increase your chances of a sale/offers/chances. From a marketing standpoint, you can create a lasting brand image with the right domain name. Your brand says everything about you, your values, your identity, and what you promise to deliver. Why should your domain name be any different? I always went and still go by my personal Brand-Novemberschild and it makes me feel so special virtually. I am sure you feel the same as your domain/brand name is very special and unheard.

    • Completely correct. I accept with everything you said and it really makes it easy to have a domain where you can express or show your products/services.
      You won’t believe it, but I was thinking of Novemberschild and how you use it when I was writing a few points in this article.

  3. Your posts have something new to learn and are really helpful. Looking forward to the one on email list as that is something i do not have and I am very keen to learn.

    • Thanks for the appreciation Swarnali. I hope you like the rest of the chapters coming in soon.
      Happy A2Zing 🙂

    • Haha. It sure is about the Email list. I hope it turns out to be as informative as the earlier ones. Happy A2Zing 🙂

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