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Frequently asked questions for rightpurchasing

These are some of the frequently asked questions for

Q. What is the right purchasing?

A. is a product review website. We review products across the brands and products to bring the best for you. We work on the basis of associate program.

Q. What is Amazon Associates program?

A. Amazon associates program is a way for Amazon to market the products listed on their website through various means. This helps in increasing sales for Amazon.

Q. Whats in Amazon Associates program for rightpurchasing ?

A. When we write product review for a readers and they go through our product link and purchase those products, we get a certain percentage for marketing and this also helps us in supporting rightpurchasing for better user experiences.

Q. Do we earn on your purchases?

A. Yes, when someone purchases any product through the links on our website we get a commission which also helps us in supporting

Q. Do we save visitors data?

A. No, we don’t save any kind of your data except cookies to help you in your future search which is generic to any other website today.

Q. What is a cookie and how long does it last?

A. Cookies are messages that a web server passes to your web browser when you visit Internet sites. Your browser stores such message in a small file, called cookie.txt
According to the recommendation of the ePrivacy Directive, A user should delete cookies every 12 months at least.
However, you can manually delete them per your wish.

Q. Do we sell any products on ?

A. No, we don’t sell our products on our website. We only review and suggest products for our readers.

Q. Do you purchase directly from us?

A. No, we don’t sell anything to our readers. You buy products from an online store like through a link mentioned  along with the product review and when you click on these links you are redirected to the sellers page where you can finally make the purchase.

Q. Do we take payment from you?

A. No, neither do we take any kind of payment from our readers nor do we host any kind of payment link on our website.

Q. Can you ask us to write a review about any specific product?

A. Yes, you can write to us in detail at or you can fill the form we have on our contact us page here.

Q. Can I write a product review or share my product experience on

A. Yes, In case you want to share a brief product experience you can mention this in the comments section below the product review. However, If you want to review a product or If you want to write a detailed product experience, you can contact us over with the subject title “Product review” and we will contact you soon.

Q. Can I comment or post a suggestion on any of your review ?

A. Yes, we always appreciate criticism from our readers as it helps us serve you better and the way you want. Please use the comment section below every product review for all your comments and suggestions.
Alternatively, you can also write to us at .

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