H – Heading

H - Heading 
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Headings help users and search engines to read and understand the text. They act as signposts for the readers and make it easier for people to understand what a post or page is about. Headings also determine which parts of the content are important and show how they are interconnected.

Heading helps in structuring:

Headings can be a gist of your post/article and can in short indicate what a paragraph is about.

They could also be used to entice the reader for reading further. However, our main focus should be on making it easier for a reader to guide through and understand your content.

Heading improves accessibility:

Accessibility of headlines is very important as they can not be read easily. As these are in HTML, a screen reader can understand the article structure and read them out appropriately for visually impaired.

Mainly, the more accessible it is, better it is for SEO.

Improves SEO:

Using a headline might not directly help in improving your SEO, but headlines create better quality and easily readable content which results in a better SEO.

Using focus keywords prominently in a headline could be a great opportunity, but it should be natural and not overly done.

Heading in WordPress:

In wordpress, you have headings sizes from H1 to H6. These are in order by size and importance.

However, the font and size of these headings can also be set according to your wish and will.

A depiction of different heading tags
#BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZchallenge

H1 is used for the page or post title and so on.

These are usually converted into an HTML heading tag from ‘<h1>’ to ‘<h6>’

As the H1 heading tags are used for the page or post title, they are limited to only one use per page or post. As you write your content, you can use H2 through H6 in different sections.

However, it is a task to get through to H4 tags and beyond unless you are writing a really long post.

Well, headings are important, but making it visually healthy for your SEO is done by Infographics. Stay tuned for the next chapter…

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  1. Yes, heading do play a big role. They are often overlooked or ignored by the bloggers especially the newbies. Its good that you are highlighting these areas as well and not just talking about the big terms.

  2. Hi Sundeep,

    Discovered your blog a little late but it is quite interesting to see you write about topics that bother us on a regular basis but we aren’t sure about the authenticity of the information. We’ll researched and informative post.

    • I’m glad it’s helpful Sonia. This information comes from constant research and experience that is been put into rightpurchasing.com
      I hope you like rest of my posts also. Good luck. Happy A2Zing 🙂

  3. One of the ways to take your blogging to the next level is to use headings in every blog post. It allows the reader to focus on the parts that particularly interest them if they don’t want to read the whole thing. Search engine optimization is important for every website/blog. If you want people to find and read your blog, you’ll need to get high on Google’s search results and one of the easiest things you can do is to use headings in your posts. Google, in particular, uses headings to index the general structure of content and identify its major themes. Headings break up the monotony of a text! They make the post visually interesting and engaging, they draw the eye and make the reader focus on them. So headers are your opportunity to get the most important things across to someone who’s just skimming the post.

    • I completely agree. Headings play a vital role. They do a lot more than just being a heading. I love it how you give your insight. Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. Useful information for the newbie who doesn’t know the importance of Heading. I will come tomorrow to read the next SEO related term.

    • Yes. I didn’t get into the psychological part, but what you described was absolutely correct. I sure am enjoying the A2Z. Hope you are too enjoying 🙂

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