K – keyword research

Keyword research is a process bloggers and content marketers use to discover the relevant search terms being typed into major search engines like Google. This gives content creators a good indication of what people are searching for and thus which topics to write about for generating traffic to your website.

K - keyword research 
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A high volume of readers needs a through Keyword research. Though some might generate traffic through a combination of social media, word-of-mouth and email subscribers, the most successful websites/bloggers today follow a keyword research strategy along with strong content planning, eventually resulting in traffic from search engines.

Basically, we need keyword phrases with a high-volume search and low competition to rank high organic search results.

Analyzing keyword:

Analyzing your keyword competition is similarly important. The best way to do this is to type in the target keyword in Google and analyze the top-ten results. Top-ranking posts created by big names can be difficult to compete with.

However, it does not mean it’s impossible, but that it will take more effort and time. Always keep in mind to prioritize which ones to pursue.

In general, more of keyword research will develop a better idea of how easy/difficult will it be for your content to outrank the existing search results.

Keyword Research by Season/Regions:

Keywords are never stagnant. They go through phases of popularity over time and also differ by regions. For instance, Christmas related keywords/posts will not be popular in June. Similarly, Diwali related keywords/posts might not be popular in Europe.

A good way to keep a track of these details is through the Google trends tool which is completely free.

However, for an established blog, Google Analytics is great to understand which keyword/phrase is responsible for generating traffic for your website.

Keyword research is an important aspect for your content to reflect in a search engine result page (SERP); however, the layout of a website or a page is equally important. Do you know why?

Stay tuned to know more about Layout and more in our next post coming in tomorrow…


  1. I can say keywords is one of my favourite parts of blogging.
    I have done an extensive study on this.
    I blog on medium, I have to give 5 keywords and this is challenging – because the kind of platform medium is for blogging, millions of keywords are suggested for the post.

    When the blog self hosted you have many keywords to punch in and I feel that’s a great advantage.

    9/10 users make use of search engines to look for information – including me. They do this by typing in a keyword and it is very important in the process of matching the content to what readers are looking for.

    If the selection of keyword phrases are targeted to the right traffic that goes through blog/website – that traffic can be converted into monetary benefits.

    As always a well written and informative post. Keep the good work up and looking to read more this week.

    • Keyword research surely is an integral part for a successful blog. I have learnt most of these things from you. Thanks a lot for the appreciation 😀

    • Thanks for the appreciation Swarnali. I have received nothing but appreciation and support from you. It means a lot. Thank you 🙂

  2. So let me Ask you this. If I find the right keyword, how do I know that it’s working? Say I search for the keyword, see the top ten posts, how do I know that that keyword is better than other keywords? And if I choose the keyword, type it, pick a key phrase from the top most post, will that for sure improve my ranking?

    • Yes it will Rajini. Have you heard of a google tool by the name “google trends?”
      You can compare the keywords by region and how many times it has been searched over a 100%
      Do try that and let me know if you need any suggestions or if you have any query.
      I would love to help 🙂

  3. I owe keyword research for the rise in organic traffic in my site. It’s an awesome and important tool for SEO.

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