L – Layout

A layout basically refers to the arrangement of text, images, and other objects on the page of your website. The way people read from a screen is different from how they read form a page.

Layout as a part of #A2Zchallenge

For an appealing layout, you can consider the following factors:

Heading in a layout

Your blog post should have a title which should stand out just like a headline in a newspaper or magazine. It grabs readers’ attention so you need to make it stand out and make sure to include keywords in your headline. If you see the keyword – Layout is mentioned in a few headlines. However, It is important that we do not overdo this as it might affect the page/blog SEO.


Subheadings break up the text. Usually, readers tend to go through a post before they read it in full. The subheadings tell them if the post is worth reading or help them pick out the key aspects. Including keywords in your subheadings can help with SEO.

Highlight key points

An easy way to display any key points is by using bold text or larger font size. You can also use a different colored text to highlight any key points.

Layout of a blog

However, capitalizing an entire phrase can make it look like you are SHOUTING AT THE READER.

If a reader is going through an article to see if it is of any interest, these highlighted key points can generate interest easily.

The font in a layout

Using two fonts is ideal as more than two could make it look messy. Sans-serif fonts are more popular for online content as they are easier to read on a screen. According to a study, capital letters usually slow down our reading making a reader give more attention toward the content but avoid overuse of capital letters. Make sure to be consistent.

Images in your layout

Images are simply an easier way to understand what your post is all about. You could use infographics/photographs/illustrations to break up your text and make your post visually attractive.

Overall it is very important to make a post appealing, but overdoing anything might just push away a reader from reading an actually good content.

The layout is important for your SEO or readability. However, a Mobile responsive website is also important for your website to rank better.

Stay tuned for our next post to know more about a mobile responsive website…

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  1. I try to keep all these points in mind. But when all these rules get too overwhelming I just write. I should work more on these aspects. For some write ups, finding images can be challenging

    • Yes Rajini, it sure can be challenging to keep all these aspects in mind. What I do is write a quick draft and add it as a new post on the website editor, check what all can be changed and edit it accordingly. Takes a while, but does wonders for you. Trust me.
      Let me know if you face any challenges 🙂

  2. Yes, layout is very important and makes a post interesting for the readers. If not taken due care then readers can easily loose interest . I try to use only one image per post. Earlier, I used to use more images but later I stopped that practice. Seeing it as a reader then one image as the features image works best for me.

    • Yes that’s right Alpana and I can’t stress this enough, but overdoing anything has negative impact. Optimising you’re website means optimally sharing content. And over optimising might only hamper your effort.
      I was just thinking of this aspect a while back. Thanks for helping me highlight it here. Happy A2Zing 🙂

  3. I’m quite a technologically challenged blogger writer. All I have is some good content. Yout posts are quite enlightening and informative for me. I hope to implement some of the advice in my blog.

  4. I like discovering great content, but I don’t like stumbling around a clumsy design that makes it hard to access said content. I’ve seen it many times how talented bloggers who seem to go out of their way to make it difficult for readers to browse through their past articles and recipes. Good layout is not rocket science: paying close attention to the design and content of the most important elements of a blog can make readers stay on blog for a long time and click from pages to other pages. I learned so many essential things about layouts that I can honestly say that I can by simply looking at a blog tell you if it will be successful and marketable or not.

    • Yes. It’s simple and a by putting in a little effort you can place your content in a SEO friendly layout and even rank better.
      Thank you 🙂

  5. Layout is important. I try and take care of most of these points. Using colours to highlight is a good idea. Ideally how many images should be used in a post? Thanks for this post

    • The number of images depends on the length of a post and the purpose of images in a post. If you check this article I had written on the Best Coffee machine in India you will understand that an image is important for every product and feature the post. Hence the number of images increases when compared to a post related to Mobile friendly website.

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    • Thank you for appreciating Shweta. You have been a consistent support system in this A2Z. Thank you once again 🙂

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