My Thoughts My Way – A book review

“My thoughts my way” is a book filled with random thoughts of its the Author’s mind. The book for me was filled with random questions. While a few questions were being answered a few questions were being asked And there were a few random thoughts. Most parts of the book were evidently displaying a transition.

Cover picture of the Book My thoughts my Way

I enjoyed reading the book majorly due to the thought provoking ideas Which also had me clinched to it throughout. One such thought was a rather see-saw between ICSE and CBSE for the author. Being a CBSE student throughout my schooling, I would have advocated for it, but the author has made me rethink. Now that I have the chance, I realize how important are these formative years in deciding a student’s future. If a student goes through the learning phase at this root level, his/her future is sure to be vivid. Then there was the inevitable thought of choosing Idli/Dosa, Tea/coffee. Well, the foodie in me can’t select, but a cup of Joe can soothe any situation for me.

A few intriguing thoughts in the contents had me eagerly wait to read. Thoughts like “Why do Tamilians not have a last name”? where she spoke about the structure of a person’s name where she comes from. Then there was a thought which could be related to anybody today – “Whatsapp groups: boon or bane”. Some suggestions she made here for making WhatsApp a better place are actually noteworthy.

My thoughts my way continued to be interesting…

Apart from these, the book talks of Indian youth and how “Youthy” the author feels in a new age India. Speaks of a Mother’s and her selfless love and the chaos in her daily life. Her thoughts on parenting is something that complements the thoughts about a mother and her chaos. Apart from this she also speaks about yoga, the different postures, and how it helps in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Towards the end of the book, she spoke beautifully about her stay in America and a few excerpts and experiences. To end the book, there was a pop quiz. Yes, you heard that right. By far this was one of the most unique and interesting ways to conclude a book.

P.s – I was able to answer all the questions even without the options.

After reading this book, I must say that I have enjoyed reading the author’s thoughts. I got to know about America, why Tamilians have no last names, and that there are more people who can’t decide between an Idly or a Dosa :D.

My recommendation for everyone is to dive deep in these thoughts with the author’s creation that is “My Thoughts My Way”

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