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A blog niche is a carefully selected topic area that your blog will be focusing around. In simpler terms, Niche blog involves creation of a blog with the purpose of catering to a particular niche market.

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When selecting your niche, consider picking a topic you can write about weekly or even daily.

According to recent statistic, there’ll be an estimated 31.7 million bloggers worldwide by the end of 2020 which makes selecting a blog niche more important than ever.

Ideas for blog Niche

Most bloggers are aware of what they want to write. However, some bloggers might be ready but not know what to write about.

This list below will help you make a decision for your blog,

1. Your interests

Jot down all the things you’re interested in without thinking if it would make a good selection. It would be an advantage if some interests weigh in as more specific over the very general topics.

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Do consider the blogs, books, and magazines you read frequently before you make your decision. Listing your previous jobs, your major experiences and hobbies will give you a lot of options to select from. 

Maybe you are a fashion designer, love to play an instrument and are good at painting/sketching. In this case you could maybe choose a blog focused on creativity.

Writing them down will give you an even better understanding and eventually help in making a better decision.

2. List your accomplishments:

Many blogs today are basically tutorials. Hence, if you have any significant accomplishments, you could start a tutorial.

Maybe you’ve “lost weight,” “Ran a marathon,” “Travelled solo,” or something else; it could be personal or professional.

3. Popular topics for Niche blogging :

You could also consider any of the topics below as they are and will always be popular.

  • Personal finance – Issues like debt, Income, investing and reducing expenditure.
  • Health and wellness – This covers areas like mental health, alternative therapies, fitness and many more. However, you might need to have certain certifications to talk on sensitive topics.
  • Parenting – Parenting at different stages; babies, toddlers, teens, and different parenting methods.

There would be many more options to select your Niche. However, a lot of blogs generate traffic with high quality visuals. Stay tuned for the next chapter where we discuss the optimization of images

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  1. I learnt of the idea of niche some time back. But my interests are so diverse, and my expertise in any one subject so lacking, that I thought I should keep with my mixing pot of a blog. 🙂

    Nice post. 🙂

    • That’s also one way to go. A blog on all topics, making it interesting for your readers every single time. Thanks for appreciating buddy 🙂

    • Poetry could also be a niche Namratha. And yes it’s important to give in some effort and time. you could call it a key factor.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading the content.

  2. Yes identify you niche is first and most basic thing for bloggers to get started and I really liking each topic you are sharing with each alpahbet related to blogging. will help a lot to newbie for understand all important aspects of blogging.

  3. I understand this makes so much sense but ever since I’ve started to blog I’ve been trying to find out how literary pieces like poetry and short story writing blogs find a market.

    • Thanks for understanding Sonia and to answer your query, you can always convert your work into a book or an ebook to sell on Amazon. It’ll give you a good reach and market

  4. Blogging for me is a personal experience that i would never commercialise. I’m happy with the present number of readers too. So maybe niche doesn’t matter for now.

    • I understand. In recent times I have come across some amazing writers who started writing or blogging just to pour out their heart on a larger canvas and their work is the best, because it is from the heart and not for someone else.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Niche is very important for any website. It should be picked very carefully. Along with the interest, how can you add more creative and informative content should also be kept in mind?

    • Yes. You are absolutely right. You should always keep in mind to make things creative and informative for the reader. Thanks for the appreciation Deepika 🙂

  6. I believe that by having a defined niche, you’ve got a way to already establish your credentials. Your business is portfolio of your knowledge of your area – your brand will tell them who you are. Your content will convince them of your purpose and expectations – in short defining a niche gains more authority. When you become the authority on a particular niche, people have a way of finding you- through your content, SEO and Social Media strategies. Eventually, you’ll become the industry go-to in your area of expertise. Once you find the right niche for your blog, start writing exceptional content – be consistent and keep blogging according to a schedule. It will take sometime before you start plenty of visitors coming to your site and buying your affiliate products. You’ll see the successful results of your hard work all you need is little patience. As always it was a well written post for the day.

  7. Its important to have the right qualifications for sensitive niches ,otherwise it’s a long way to goodness knows where!Also it’s a legal issue if health and financial advice is given without legitimate qualifications. Online misrepresentation is a big problem.Very helpful post.

    • I agree. Certain types of blogging requires a certification or an approval from the right authorities. Thank you Amrita 🙂

  8. Its important to have the right qualifications for sensitive niches ,otherwise it’s a long way to goodness knows where!Also it’s a legal issue if health and financial advice is given without legitimate qualifications. Online misrepresentation is a big problem.Very helpful post.

  9. I learned the importance of this a while back. Once I realized that my true passion was fiction, my blog really took off. Though it may take a while to figure it out, finding your niche is very important for any blogger.

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