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As a blogger/writer I frequently ask myself a few question to gauge my performance as an individual. These question help me improve in aspects where I can perform better.

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I have listed a few questions here which could help you as well

1. Question the passion for your audience?

Being passionate about your writing is one thing, but passionate about your audience is vital.

Passion for writing certainly is a motivational force, but readers will soon see through you if you are not passionate about them. This is because a blog is mostly about the audience and not the writer/blogger (Mostly.)

Isn’t your audience the reason you do what you do? When you focus your passion on solving the problems your audience faces, it makes a huge difference.

2. Do you have a unique voice?

A unique voice is very important as it will enable you to incline towards success. Developing a unique voice could be one of the most difficult aspects you will do as a writer/blogger. But this can be achieved with positive effort and perseverance.

Question mark as a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and the #A2Zchallenge

In the process, you need to remember to Be real. Don’t try to copy someone. You can, however, take inspiration, but do it your own way and make your content original.

Speaking of a unique voice, I have two huge inspirations for you.

One who is a Reader-Writer-Blogger-Author-Poetess-Columnist with a crisp and sharp voice as a writer. She has the ability to make your words into a story — Romila

The next person is the best poetess I’ve come across in this #BlogchatterA2Z. She is a writer and content creator who has been a teacher, an agency recruiter, and a social media executive. with one of the most unique voices I have come across and the rare skill to take you on a journey through her poetry — Suchita (She is also available on Instagram & Twitter)

These two writers have a completely unique voice and can are great examples for having a completely unique tone to their writing.

3. Willing to learn?

Even if you are knowledgeable about your Niche, there will be updates and a chance for you to learn and give your readers accurate and updated information.

Set aside time every day for reading new blog posts, books and other training materials. Try and expand your horizons.

4. Question your goals?

Setting goals will drive you to success and it is better if your goals are in terms of numbers.

If your goals are set in numbers, they are easily measurable. Start with a long term goal and work backward marking out the small-term goals. Breaking them into smaller goals will build individual tasks that you can perform almost on a daily basis.

One way to gauge your success is by comparing your website rank. Want to know more? Stay tuned for our next post on Ranking (Alexa).

As a part of the open day we are featuring today, ask us any questions related to blog or blog monetization. Just drop a comment.

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  1. I use gifs on my blog. I read a post earlier about optimised images. Which type of images do you suggest? And how can I compress them optimally?

    • Gifs are just an animated image but use more space than a regular picture. If you are okay with a static picture, I would suggest JPEG format. To optimize the pictures, you can use “Photoshop” or “Affinity Photo.”
      Thanks for stopping by Rohit 🙂

        • Hi Shubhra, your blog has a very wide range of topics but you niche is basically surrounded around kids parenting and health. If Thats right, my suggestion for increasing your viewers is to connect with parents. There are multiple groups on Facebook where parents share their practices and related stuff. This is one way to improve your viewers another way Is social presence and if you are present, do a lot of activity, share every post on all your social media share practices and all that you can. Another way could be the various writing competition’s.
          About your blog monetisation query, there are options like publishing your own ebook or paperback, subscribing to Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. For example, if you are writing about a kids activity you can mention about a particular product and as an affiliate marketer ad link the product picture or description with the Amazon affiliate link.
          Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more information.

          • What are the other options for earning except writing for Google, I mean basically niece oriented content, which we later monatized.

          • If you use the Yoast plugin, in the SEO tab you can see a google preview section. Here you can edit the way you want it to be visible in a search engine result page.
            This is very effective.
            As a reference check this image A screenshot of Yoast plugin highlighting the Google preview option

  2. These are some interesting points. I want to understand as a mom blogger, what all ways i can focus on to monetise the blog. presently, affiliate does not get much so asking for options. Also, is there anyone you could recommend who can do a site audit and advise what can be done. Thank you

    • Hey Arushi, as per your query and if affiliate marketing is not an option, Google Adsense is a great option and so is converting your posts into an ebook or a paperback. Do check out kindle direct publishing if you are interested in creating your own book. As of now, from India we can just make e-books, but I guess paperbacks will be available soon.

      Also, if you want suggestions or want to discuss any specific issue about your website, I can help you if it’s a wordpress website. However, you can do that yourself manually also, go to the dashboard and in the tools selection you will see site health. This will give you all the good, can be improved and critical issues of your wordpress website.

    • Yes. One way to understand your audience is by understanding your niche. To read my post on niche click here. Once you have got that, it’ll be easy to spot your audience. Also for measuring your growth you can check out your score on Alexa it gives you a lot of information, like most successful post, organic search queries, etc. Just click on Alexa to go on the website, enter your Website URL and get the results. Trust me it is very detailed. If you want to know more about this, my next post is on Ranking (Alexa), where I discuss the same.
      Hope this helps. Thank you 🙂

  3. interesting points and I had learnt a lot with this post. i had a question related with SEO, how to optimize your images ( that includes in blog post)..basically I m not able to understand the adding ALT text to images completely..need your guidance and help to understand this properly. Thanks.

    • Hey Surbhi, basically images can’t be seen by search engines they can only read them and there are two ways to read an image. One being the description of an image and the second being the alt image. If you use a wordpress website, you can add images to your media section. In the media section when you select each picture you get a tab mostly on the right section of the screen where you can see a box with a label over it as description or image description. So over here you should write what ever this picture is about. Coming to your post page, when you add an image to your post and click on it, the post settings on the right shows an alt image box just like the image description box from earlier. Here you have to write what the image represents on your page/post. Basically this is also important for situations when due to any reason the web page can’t open images, hence the alt image helps people read the picture and proceed with a better understanding. For example, if you add a picture of a dish, describe the dish in the description box and describe the stage where it is and what it looks like in the alt image.
      I hope I was able to help Surbhi. Do let me know if you have any further queries 🙂

    • Hi, Thankyou for this insightful post and the open day! I wanted to know how could I monetize my blogsite.

      • I’m glad you like it Jyoti.
        Monetising a blog is a huge task. Smaller task would be to increase the readership of your site and bring more traffic to it. A simple way to do this is by improving your SEO which is search engine optimisation. A good SEO helps you bring more organic traffic to your blog/website. I will be writing a post on SEO on my “S” day coming on 22nd April, 2020. Do read that.
        Hope this helps. Thank you 🙂

  4. Hi, Thanks much for the invitation to this open day. As a new blogger, I have many questions but the recent one is why passive voice sentences are not acceptable if they outnumber a certain percentage of the text? (Talking about SEO)

    • Hi Navita, I’m glad you are here.
      Basically the difference between active voice and passive voice is that active voice is simpler for readers. Let me give you an example:
      Passive voice – A letter is received by him.
      Active voice – He received a letter.

      However, a certain limit of passive voice In content can be acceptable. Depending on the length of your content it can be 10 – 20% and maybe 25% at times.
      I hope this helps. If you need anything else, I’ll be happy to help 🙂

      Also talking about SEO, my post on SEO goes live this Wednesday, the 22nd April. You should have a look.

  5. I prefer writing about women. What do you suggest for improving my online presence , viewers and monetisation ?? Ok one more thing …for newsletter is MailChimp the best or any other ,??

    • Hi Monika, to improve your online presence as a women blogger, you could generate more viewership with a better SEO and generate organic traffic. To hit the sweet spot, you can join specific groups on Facebook and other social media. You can see one example of such a group by clicking here.
      Apart from the groups, organic traffic is very good for any website/blog. For this you need to have a very good SEO. To build your SEO, you can check my post coming out this Wednesday.
      I hope this information helps. I will be glad to help if you have any more queries for me.

    • All your points make much sense. Thanks!
      I think blogs that focus on genres such as poetry or short story writing are only for exchange of creative content. Or if you are looking to get published sometime you get a reader base. What are your thoughts?

      • Thank you Sonia. I certainly agree with you. Few bloggers today are online not for money, but just to spill out their thoughts. I understand and they really have amazing content. And yes this reader base helps in case the blogger/reader is expanding.
        Thank you Sonia 🙂

  6. My blog started off as a medium for me to voice my thoughts. Then I started writing fiction and progressed to micro-fiction. I have and still am experimenting with a lot of stuff. Google Adsense can be implemented only on self-hosted sites, right? Is any there platform you’ll recommend to someone who’s planning to shift from WordPress.com to self-hosted. Also, is hosting really expensive? Thanks in advance for answering my questions. 🙂

    • Hi Shweta,
      Firstly, let me tell you that experimenting with your work is one way to derive your Niche.
      Secondly, If you use a paid service on WordPress like mine, you will be able to add Google Adsense on your blog.
      So, If you want a self-hosted website, you might as well convert your free plan to a paid subscription, buy your domain and continue. Contact the WordPress support for more on this.
      However, If you want to do this without any financial burden, Blogger.com and Tumblr.com are great options for you but I can’t really say much about them due to lack of experience with these platforms.
      I hope this helps Shweta. Do let me know if you need anything else. Thank you 🙂

  7. Thank you for the mention 🙂 I really liked your point on “passion for the audience.” It is not something I have thought about too much but the way you have put it, bears some thinking and maybe even a re-alignment on my part.

    • I’m glad you like the post Suchita. In fact when we do it for the readers why not do something they want. Isn’t it?
      The mention was my pleasure. Thank you 🙂

  8. good tips. I have a question related to socials. How can I increase my pageviews through social media?

    • Hi Sinjana,
      One good way to increase the page views is by using the Facebook ads. They have an option to publicise your website directly. This gives you amazing page views. In fact they have plans starting as low as ₹50 per day.
      Do try and let me know if you have any queries. I hope this helps.

  9. Hello Sundeep
    I started out very late in life and learnt every single thing on the way.
    As you have already checked my blog…u know its a food blog. I am told that my content is good but I have not been able to monetise it.I have no clue about it.I have read about google adsense, affiliate marketing and stuff but it is all too technical for me to understand.
    I have been blogging consistently since the past 5 years and now would like to monetize it. Help, please.

        • Hey,
          I understand, people want things faster and easier. You can however start a vlog for your recipes and upload them on YouTube or directly embed them on your website. In addition if you monetise you’re YouTube account , you are looking at a very good earning potential.
          Hope this helps. Thank you 🙂

  10. What is your take on accepting money in exchange for backlinks? Does it harm the blog in the long run? Does it reduce DA too?

    • Hey Noor, there are many established bloggers who charge for a back links and maybe because they are established even if there is a dip in the ranking, it hardly matters. Also, if your backlink has a nofollow link rel, your SEO and DA is safe.
      A nofollow link rel helps your SEO juice stay intact on your website.

  11. Hello Sudeep,
    I have a query. I am mostly into writing fictions. If not fiction then I pen my musings on site on certain topic.
    How do I fetch the audience for my written words? Networking, associating with dedicated blogger platform does help and has helped. But the readers I get are mostly fellow bloggers. My query is how to reach and fetch the non blogger reader community to my blog.

    • One quick way is to write in a few general reading groups on Facebook and WhatsApp. These readers would be open to reading anything even if its new to them.
      Another suggestion would be to make an audio of your fiction, maybe like a podcast, wherein you can add some sound effects and make it like a storytelling session. I haven’t seen it happen on any blog yet, probably you can be the first one.

      **I’m sorry about the delayed response. Somehow your comment was spammed and I just got to see it.

  12. Firstly thank you for much for mentioning my name as one of the unique voices of blogging. I will make sure to continue being unique which is actually great hardwork and takes lots of efforts. I am original and will remain because being someone else is such a waste of time.

    • Exactly. That is what I’ve been talking about. Your tone is unique and special because it’s REAL. Thank you 🙂

  13. This is quite helpful, thanks so much for sharing. I need to improve my online presence and views. I never got around to understand good SEO practices, but I guess a post on the same is coming up in your series? Also, how much do paid promotions on the Facebook page actually help? And I wanted to ask how important it is to have a self-hosted site. Mine is presently hosted in blogger. I also wish to publish an e-book sometime. If I do, how can I publicise it?

    • Hi Dashy,
      Yes the post on SEO comes on Wednesday. Talking about the fb ads, they are decent, I haven’t used them personally, but a close friend has and she says she did get a good response. The catch is you need to spend a little and if you are spending a small amount, results aren’t great. A self hosted website has many benefits Dashy, to name a few, you can easily use tools like Adsense and customise the website to the extent. Nevertheless, it gives a feeling of contention also (might not for you though)
      When you will publish your book, an easy way is through affiliate marketing.
      This way you can add a link to purchase the book on your posts and if any of your reader likes your content and wants more of you can buy your book also.
      I hope this helps Dashy. Do let me know if I’ve missed anything or if you want any more information. Thank you 🙂

  14. Hey there! For this year’s A2Z challenge I have decided to review children’s book that I read to my son and some bookish play and activities too. For that I have also registered with Amazon associates and have been sharing my affiliate links in the posts too. But what I discovered is that the different book formats have a different ISBN no. So, say if I share my affiliate link for a board book format of a particular book and my referee uses my link to reach to the book page but decides to buy a paperback version of the same book from the same page, the affiliate code is not embedded there. So does it still count as a sale? If not, what do you suggest for this?

    • Hi Sweta, welcome to rightpurchasing.
      I have been working as an Amazon associate for a while now. The best part about Amazon’s associate program is that you can link to any product and when a customer uses your affiliate link to land on Amazon’s website or app, they can practically purchase anything and it would still be counted as a sale by affiliate. Even better information for you is that when a customer uses your link to go on amazon, the link is activated for 24 hours. So, basically what ever is purchased in the next 24 hours, you are paid commissions for.
      I hope this information helps. Do let me know if you need any more help 🙂

      • Thank you so much! That answers a lot of my questions. You were a big help. I’m glad I landed on your page. I will be visiting your site more often from now on for more information as I’m fairly new at this. Thanks once again.

        • Thank you, Sweta. I’m really happy that I was able to help you. Do let me know if you need any more help. I’m always ready to help.
          Happy A2Zing 🙂

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