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A video blog usually shortened to vlog is a form of blog for which the medium is video. A video blog often combine embedded video with supporting text, images, and other metadata. 

Pictures Shows a V standing for Video blog as a part of the #AtoZchallenge #BlogchatterA2Z challenge

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what is a Vlog or Video blog. However, did you ever consider this for your Blog?

Well, It’s time to re-think if you haven’t already.

A video blog is done with the help of videos. You can either self-host your video or use services like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe amongst many others to host your videos.

For example, Harjeet hosts her blog “WordsmithKaur“. She is an avid blogger and for this A2Z she is doing a series on a protein-rich diet to the likes of Keto. She writes down an elaborate recipe and mentions all the tricks that one can use. But, she doesn’t stop here and makes a helpful video along with the post. This makes it easier for all her readers/viewers to take notes while they cook.

Do check out her social media for scrumptious recipes and much more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In simpler terms, you can upload your video content on YouTube and embed the video to your Blog. This way you get to explain your content in written and video format in one place. Not to forget that the views on YouTube also bring in earnings.

Since videos are interactive and give more detailed information, people often turn to look for video reviews, walk-through, and tutorials. Hence, making video content more reliable and easy to understand.

Advantages of a Video Blog:

Picture shows a boy learning from video blog. This post is a part of the #AtoZchallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

* Brings great exposure to your blog/website,
* Videos are Interactive and descriptive,
* They work great for a tutorial,
* One great video can help you get that push,
* Videos also help you with extra income.

Like we already discussed, you can host videos on free video hosting sites, another option is to self-host. This way you can add the video on your blog directly which makes your website/blog more reliable.

Companies today hire professionals to create video content for them which suits their brand and works for their customers. Similarly, you can create your own content strategy and drive more people accordingly.

Remember that ultimately the success and appeal of your video blog relies on the quality and relevance of its content. Meaning to create an engaging narrative relevant to your blog while guaranteeing a high standard of audio and visual effects. While the former generally depends on the nature of your blog and the purpose of creating a video, as a general rule you should not use inconsequential material which has little more than novelty value as these types of video are less effective now than they were earlier. This is because viewers are more familiar with the format and seek out informative content with depth and meaning.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Video blogging is a great way but i am somehow never been comfortable. But i think this is something i should try and learn. Do you think it will work on my blog and if yes, what kind of videos?

    • Yes Arushi, videos will work on your blog also. Just as you have the written content, speak on it for a longer time
      and in detail over a convincing video. I’m pretty sure your traffic would like that

  2. I have video blogging in mind. Don’t know how or when but I do have a plan. You just got me thinking about it again. Don’t intend to come in front of the camera but I do plan to use my voice for some poetry for children. Podcast is also an option but I guess a you tube channel will work better.

    • As I was reading your comment I was thinking if not a video, you can always use podcast and you said it yourself. You have a very good blog Sonia and every time I see, I realise that. You have worked really hard on that. I would suggest you start adding videos also
      It will give you the required boost and take your website higher in ranking. And when I say videos you do not have to be in it
      You can use any other video in the background and use your voice. These kind of videos are a rage these days. Do give it a thought.

  3. This is a very interesting genre. Thank you for writing on Video Blogs. I have never been comfortable with the idea although I love seeing it on other blogging sites. Someday!
    Your post is quite inspiring.

  4. Video blogging helps you build connections with your viewers like no other blogging format does. If you are inexperienced. Video blogging is extremely daunting project but with practice and a few pointers, one can be vlogging like a professional. I am experienced in this format too. My videos have been accepted well by the audience and I can guide newbies. Videos are more likely to go viral than a text content as they are interactive and descriptive. With right effects good videos you can reach your message to the audience in a better way.

    Why don’t we make a video on blogging over a coffee session?

    • You are right. Video content is superior to a written piece. You will more likely be able to grab attention by a video than a written post and when you have written and added a video, it works like a charm.

    • For your blog, it will definitely be an advantage Frédérique. You should probably start with it right away.
      Happy this was helpful.

  5. Vlogs are more popular these days because people are losing the reading habit (or interest). I’v personally seen that video posts of Facebook bring a lot more engagement than normal posts. Thanks for the tips.

    • You are right Sinjana. However adding a video to your written content also works amazing. Thanks for reading 🙂

    • You can just start off by making a smal video about yourself and what you do on your blog. That is the easiest way to start

  6. Video blogs are great ideas for blogs that convey information. I’ve never been a fan of making videos. Maybe some day I’ll think about it. Thanks for the info 🙂

  7. Video blogs no doubt are very engaging with the audience. And many youngsters love to watch videos rather than read.
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and for the comments.

  8. Video content is the future, as less and less people look for written content. It’s important to diversify depending on your content and your abilities!

  9. I still have to get familiar with vlogging. I do have some video clips that are pertinent to my posts and I wish to insert them for better user experience. While I understand that I can upload on YouTube and then embed in my post, could you elaborate more on “self-hosting one’s video.” I have seen a few blogs where videos are not embedded using any services. Doesn’t that make the blog heavy and how can one upload videos in this manner?

    • Sure Dipali. Basically, when you self boast a video, a page like you said becomes heavy in size. I suggest you to go with a self hosting video only if you have a professional plan with your hosting partner, else you can just upload your videos on YouTube and use any plugins to embed on your page/website. Talking about self boasting videos, it is good because there would be no watermarks on it or any other form of trademark, making the video genuinely created by the writer and makes you a reliable source for readers. This also helps in improving your ranking.

  10. I’ve done some for my food blog but it’s rusty now. Too much to handle already. Maybe I can start with something small for mt poetry blog. You’re making me think again about it. Thank you. 🙂

    • I’m glad you concur Roma and I’m even happier that you make videos. Thanks a lot for reading. Hope you are having an amazing A2Z 🙂

  11. Video blogging and vlogs are quite the rage these days. But somehow, I am not comfortable with that. My primary work is fiction and that doesn’t mix well with a video. Otherwise, I’ll have to go in search of characters.

    • I guess you can make an animated video for your fiction series. That could be something new and grab you extra reader/viewers than usual.

    • Vblog has a great future, thiugh I am still not comfortable with, but yes I love to conquer my fears so getting ready myself to do so, hopefully sooner.

      • That’s the way to go. Once you are done with a video or two, you will gain confidence in yourself and make more amazing videos constantly.

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