Writings over coffee – A book review

“Writings over Coffee” by Romila actually happened over a few cups of coffee for me. Though this was my second read due to the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge, I enjoyed it thoroughly yet again. It started with the masterpiece of Da Vinci in Artwork where her love for Mona Lisa was evident. The way she described the beauty in wearing bangles and how it symbolizes the beauty in a woman was surreal.

Cover of the book writings over coffee

Coming to coffee, it is one of those beverages that I could indulge in at any time of the day. #Coffee-Love.

Diamonds, Supposedly a lady’s best friend is one of those things she really loves. Talking about health, she says “Health is wealth” and I completely agree. In these hard times of Covid-19, I cannot stress enough on this point.  Next up was the Ghazals, which I love too. I guess there is at least one song for every mood and ambiance. At this point in “Writings over coffee”, I realized that I knew the author pretty well. Not exactly hair accessories, but I did think it would be related to hair. This article also informed me about a girl’s love for hairstyles and their accessories. The next part insisted that I take a break from my cup of Joe and try an Affogato.

For the love of coffee…

A picture of Affogato as a part of review for the book writings over coffee.
Affogato is an Italian coffee based dessert made with vanilla gelato & espresso

Though I never really thought how an accessory could express beauty, this post on Jhumka was an eye-opener. I realized that I loved it when women wore this beautiful accessory.

Then there was “Love,” which is still an ambiguous term for me. I still can’t think of Love for things, beings, or habits. However, every time I read about this I do give it a though. Mandala art is something I really love and still can’t forget the first time I came across this. The author is an Amazing poet and immensely talented. If you haven’t read her Haiku, I highly recommend you. I have always connected to quotes easily, they express a lot in just a few words. One quote I really liked was-


Another interesting part of the book for me was the Window seat and Xocolatl. While I can relate with her feeling with a window seat and all that comes across when a force is thrusting you at a speed of 300 Km/h to through you into the sky. Xocolatl was one of the most unexpected parts of this book. I just could not think of this for the alphabet “X”

Towards the end of this book she speaks about zodiac sign and how awesome are “Scorpio’s. When I was reading this part on Zodiac, I thought the book ends here, but to my surprise, there was another part which read “Best responses to the posts,” which is self-explanatory and I really liked this part. It was unique and very expressive.

Being a fan of the author’s work, reading this book all together was a treat for me. I really enjoyed “Writings over coffee”. In fact, I didn’t realize that I finished it in one read. I highly recommend this book for pleasant and casual reading.

Here I would like to thank Blogchatter for the amazing #blogchatterEBook carnival. Thank you, team Blogchatter @Leha @Suchita @ Sona and everyone else who made this a success for rightpurchasing.

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