Z – Zombie Traffic

If you’ve looked over your website analytics in the past. Did you notice a strange rise in visitors and/or a significant drop in your conversion rate? If you have, it’s a good chance that you may be experiencing zombie traffic. This has prominently increased in recent years. Sadly, there is no cure to get rid of it completely; however, you can take precautions to reduce it to a minimum.

Zombie Traffic is mostly unpredictable. However, it has been found to affect a website either seasonally or even in an interval of a few days.

A Zombie visitor is a real person who visits your site but doesn’t really interact with the content. They might even make their way to different pages, but they never click on one of your money-making links/items.

This results in your conversion either staying idle/dipping down even more. Sometimes zombie traffic wouldn’t even cause a spike in your usual visitor levels. This means your traffic could be stable throughout, but your conversions inexplicably drop. This could be a reason explaining that your website has had zombie visitors.

How to mitigate the Zombie traffic?

The best answer for this is Optimizing the website. Zombie traffic is a big reason why we need to optimize our website/blog. Even with an optimized website, you can still expect Zombie traffic. However, it will be at a minimal level.

This is an example image showing the hike in the views or visitors of a website, which can be due to Zombie traffic.
This is an example image showing the hike in the views or visitors of a website, which can be due to Zombie traffic.

According to a theory, if websites are seeing distinct periods of high conversions and no conversions. Then they may toggle between different Google buckets. This means Google sees the website as informational and sometimes as transactional. Either way, it makes sense why you would see a drop in conversion rate. When the site is receiving the wrong kind of traffic this statistic drops.

However, if this theory is to be believed, then it is necessary to optimize your website for the right purposes.

Although it is not possible to cut off the zombie traffic, you can keep the negative impact to a minimum. This is possible by optimizing the website.

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  1. Converting traffic is what works .That’s what needs a lot of thought.It was an interesting journey reading your posts this April

      • I didn’t know about the term zombie traffic before reading this. While it is unlikely that I’ll be embarking on a big overhauling of the blog towards monetization anytime soon, it was good to read this.

        Belated congratulations on finishing the challenge 🎉.

        Best wishes for your next endeavours.

        • It is a very recent term Ajit and it is growing. Thank you and a hearty congratulations to you too. Good luck buddy 🙂

  2. That explains the occasional spikes in traffic. Your posts have bee very informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing them through this series 😀

  3. Wohoo!! Congratulations for successfully completing AtoZ blogging challenge.
    It was your debut and hope you are doing this again in 2021. If you are, you should start planning right away once you wrap up 2020 fully. It would save you lots on time and other things as you now know what this challenge works.

    Zombie is spam, Spam is spam – damaging and harmful. Scaled guest blogging is the biggest source of zombie blogs. Real authentic guest blogging is easily identifiable. A huge chunk of spam blogging is through SEO marketers and brands – whenever you collaborate with a brand make sure they are not fake. It is the game of PR veterans and junkie digital marketers to create zombie to take up all the information from your blog and make sure of it. Zombie visitors are AI or bots, they don’t actually visit your blog but they are armed with tools and plugins to extract information. You do get a visitor but they do nothing. Lorem Ipsum which we all are so familiar with a zombie language. It damages the website. I read sometime back it is a true story about this language which got created by some brainy people for destruction.

    As you’ve done with the challenge, did you sign up for the ebook carnival? There are many mentors this year, better and best than 2019 – you should have a look and if you are interested in being a published author please do pick your mentor wisely and get yourself a tag of ‘author’ this summer with Blogchatter.

    Wishing you lots of good luck and happy blogging.

    • Thank you for the constant and uninterrupted support and love you have shown this A2Z. In fact, you have always been helpful and kind to me even when you were teaching me anything. Talking of mentors, I have one and I don’t think I need anyone else. She is the best at everything she does and helps me understand anything and everything while being supportive of almost everything. Check her profile here.
      I can’t thank you enough but it has been a wonderful journey under your guidance. Thank you 😀

  4. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z challenge!
    I didn’t know anything about zombie traffic, but why exactly is it bad for our sites? I’d love an answer to that. Does it get in the way of regular traffic? Or does it perhaps affect our DA negatively?
    Keep the educational posts coming and good luck to you!

    • Thanks a lot Noor. You have been a support throughout and I can’t thank enough. Hope to read more from you 🙂

  5. This is handy information for bloggers and their blog monetizing aspects. I would bookmark this for future reference.
    Your posts have been really informative and refreshing in the content writing, marketing, and content creation areas. It was great reading through your posts in this series. Looking forward to continued interaction.

    • Thanks a lot Jyoti. You were constant in supporting and appreciation. Thanks a lot 🙂
      Looking forward to a continued interaction as well.

  6. Zombie traffic seems like window shoppers in real life. Those who look around but don’t buy. Congratulations on the successful completion of the A to Z Challenge. I will be back to explore your blog more, although some of it goes over my head.

    • If you find it difficult to understand, I would be happy to explain in detail and with examples. I’m actually overwhelmed by the response I’ve got and would love to stay connected with all the lovely people.
      Thanks for reading and congratulations on a successful completion of A2Z.

  7. I discovered your blog a little late in the series but what a revelation it has been. I intend to read all your posts at a leisure now. I also hope you are planning on writing an ebook because it will help many bloggers. Congratulations on the successful completion of the A2Z challenge. Thank you for being a part of my April journey. Please stay in touch.

    • I’m glad we stumbled upon each other’s blogs. It sure was an amazing April. Thanks for the constant support you guys have shown in my blog. Thank you and stay connected 🙂

    • Thanks for the constant support Frédérique. I hope we can stay connected even after the A2Z and share our content. Thank you, buddy 🙂

  8. This has been happening with my blog a lot. Did not know it was called Zombie traffic! I wonder why people do it though. Is there a reason?

    • Zombie traffic is at times generated by a search engine algorithm, which basically sends in a bot to go through your pages. There are multiple theories around this and a new concept altogether but on a steady rise.
      On the other hand, there are SERP evaluators who do a similar job as the bot and see if the website is in the reight SERP.
      Thanks for reading and all the support Suchita 🙂

  9. Sorry for being late here Sundeep, very information subjects you have covered throughout challenge, I must say Can’t resist myself to cover all, Zombie traffic is something very new to me, would love to know more about it.Congrats on successful completion of A2Z challenge

    • Thank you Archana, and a hearty congratulations to you too on successful completion. Do let me know if you need to know anything on this topic.

    • Information sure is wealth but was this comment meant for someone else?
      Anyways, thanks for stopping by.

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